Sustainable Enviroment


Green Operations

In 2017, SinoPac Holdings and subsidiaries all positively implement the Green Finance and Operation. Company continues to promote environmental education and the concept of energy conservation, meanwhile replacing older equipment to improve energy efficiency.

As for our Green Operational Policy, we focus on Green Financing Operations, supporting green energy industry to get long term funds. Bank SinoPac is also the first licensed bank to issued "Green Bonds".

We got great result in 2017, Bank SinoPac was awarded for two powersaving competition.


"Green Operational Policy", Creating a Sustainable Environment


Reviewing Suppliers for CSR Management

SinoPac takes the approach for a cooperative relationship with our suppliers. In addition to compliance management and policies, we also require suppliers to fulfill their social responsibility. In 2016, regular suppliers and major suppliers with our Company shall sign an employee human rights statement, with current signatories representing over 64% of our total suppliers. We shall continue to strive for a higher signatory rate.

To ensure our oversight responsibility of our suppliers, in each year's supplieraudit we have added items on Labor Standards Law, social negative impact, and other evaluation items. The audit aim is to ensure compliance with labor laws, workplace health and safety, and that there is no forced labor, bribery, anti-monopoly, fraud, and other negative activities. We will also perform adhoc checks at our suppliers' place of business, and we will establish long-term partnership relationships with quality suppliers. For non-compliance suppliers, we will cancel their supplier approvals.

Promotion of Environmental Education, Achieving Success in Energy Savings

In 2071, Bank SinoPac setup a topic about environmental protection in our internal publication, which periodically shares some news about energy saving and environmental protection. It has been 20 articles to date. There’s also a topic about energy saving and environmental protection in our intranet website. We also attended several outside lecture and training secession about energy saving to get more new information and then promote it.

Bank SinoPac won two awards about energy saving in 2017, we also join the policy that prohibit the use of disposable tableware which was promoted by the Taipei city government.

Success in the Promotion of "Paperless" Services

Effective Savings, Iindicated by Environmental Data