Employee Care


Enrich People

Seek Growth within the Corporate Organization

SinoPac Holding strives to provide a growth-oriented organizational environment. Depending on the personality and professional skills of individuals, we provide both horizontal or vertical development opportunities. Through a fair assessment policy for colleagues, we shall provide a fair and appropriate career plan, aiming to create a fair and just work culture. At the same time, we hope that colleagues can seek personal growth, demonstrate excellence in performance, and create value for the organization.

Innovative Learning Tools

To enable growth and learning opportunities in the organization for colleagues, SinoPac Holding creates a learning environment for learning, and in consideration of the professionalism and characteristics of colleagues provides on the job training and growth opportunities. Each year, the holding company and subsidiaries in consideration of operational strategy, business focus, and human resources strategy, drafts educational and training guidelines and provides systematic courses schedules enabling colleagues to improve their professional knowledge, and continue growth with the organization. In 2017, the total budget for training was NT$29.01 million, with over 328,472 hours of training hours.

Comprehensive Investments in Elite Personnel

Diverse Communication Platforms Between Capital and Labor

1. Collective bargaining agreement

2. Establish "employee service specialist" and "SinoPac Academy" website platforms

3. Establish a sexual harassment prevention hotline

4. Established an evaluation dispute channel

5. Regularly hold an "Organization Condition Surveys"


Creating a Happy and Enriching Workplace

SinoPac Holdings maintains its efforts in improving employee benefits to show concern and care for our colleague's family and lifestyles as a goal. We have a systematic planning method, with a focus on the personal development and growth of our colleagues to provide a stable growth environment to the corporate culture, provide learning opportunities and a comfortable work environment, jointly with our colleagues to work together. SinoPac believes "people" is our organization's most important asset. Only with happy colleagues, will our Company's profits rise, and create value to society.