Commitment and Vision


Achieving a Better Life with Financial Service

Viewing integrity as the cornerstone of its operation, SinoPac Holdings has been committed to offering people-oriented, professional financial services. SinoPac Holdings has been established for over 70 years. All employees have insisted on this original intention, and all members of the Board of Directors have done their utmost to guide the management to forge ahead steadily in the hope of creating a bright future for employees, customers, and shareholders.


Mission and Policy

  • Ethical Management

SinoPac Holdings has sound corporate governance and upholds ethics, compliance, integrity, transparency, and accountability as its core values. Treating our employees, customers, and shareholders as well as all stakeholders with fairness, we offer premium financial products and service to customers with an aim of becoming a respected company that all of our stakeholders take pride in.

  • Wealth Management

We use the passion we instill in our professional service to preserve and protect our customers' wealth. In pursuit of sustainable growth with innovation and business performance, we attach importance to the career development and salary and benefits of our employees while providing a friendly working environment and creating a long-term value for shareholders.

  • Environmental Sustainability

SinoPac Holdings has devoted itself to environmental sustainability by reducing the operational impact on the environment, paying attention to the impact of climate change, promoting recycling, developing environmentally-friendly financial products, and implementing responsible lending and investment.

  • Social Prosperity

Upholding the spirit of taking from society and giving back to society, SinoPac Holdings has been engaged in implementing social welfare programs for the disadvantaged and supporting art and cultural activities in local communities as a responsible corporate citizen with an aim of achieving social prosperity.