Commitment and Vision


SinoPac Holdings has been established in Taiwan for 70 years. The main mission has always been to maintain the wealth of families and the society that we serve, and also to protect the trust and confidence placed in us by our customers. Our promise to our customers is to create sustainable corporate value and enable wealth to be inherited and passed on through the generations.

We believe that the core values of corporate care in the community is the engagement and emotional relationship with "people", including "customers" and "employees". We hope that, together, we can build a wealthy garden of life on this land that we live on.

In 2015,we separated into four major sections, "Creating sustainable value", "spreading happiness", "developing wealth in the world", and "a wealthy garden of life", in an effort to describe our efforts in sustainable management and creating social values. This includes nurturing our people and caring for our colleagues and their family, and working together to create wealth for our clients. We use the passion we instill in our work and sincerity in our hearts, to preserve and protect our client's wealth. With the emergence of virtual channels, a return to "simple banking", connecting touchpoints worldwide, enables the customer to easily access financial services and products at their convenience, and creating material wealth in their lives. Moreover, SinoPac continues to invest in local culture and music education, with the aim of improving the quality of life and education in the humanities with the mission to enable a better society and remain committed to periodic performance review and shape the future direction towards excellence in our corporate culture and our role as a responsible citizen.