SinoPac Holdings Won Three Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards, Including Corporate Governance, Green Leadership, and Investment in People



The Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) organized by Enterprise Asia is regarded as one of the CSR indicators in Asia. In 2021, at the 11th AREA Awards ceremony, SinoPac Holdings (SPH) was honored with the Corporate Governance Award, Green Leadership Award, and Investment in People Award. It is the first time that SPH participated in the Corporate Governance Award and obtained recognition, demonstrating SPH’s outstanding performance in sustainable governance. 

Regarding corporate governance, SPH is the first domestic financial holding company that spontaneously conducted a comprehensive assessment of corporate governance. SPH set up the Ethical Corporate Management Committee and introduced the TCFD framework to identify the opportunities and risks of climate change. In 2020, SPH elected the first-ever female chairperson of private financial holding companies. As a result, SPH has bestowed the Corporate Governance Award. In addition, SPH also ranked the Top 5% of the TWSE Corporate Governance Evaluation for the second consecutive year. 

Moreover, SPH actively develops sustainable finance and has been devoting to solar photovoltaic energy generation equipment financing since 2012. As of June 2021, Bank SinoPac (BSP), a market leader in solar power financing, has financed 5,400 solar power plants in Taiwan. In 2020, BSP launched the first fishery and electricity symbiosis project financing, creating a new economic model combining aquaculture and fishery for green energy generation. BSP also works with electricity providers to promote the first green energy trading platform, a new milestone to the renewable energy development in Taiwan history. By building a solar power financing ecosystem, SPH attained the Green Leadership Award. 

SPH deeply understands that human capital is the cornerstone of sustainable development, and managers at all levels are the key to cluing cross-functional teams together, bridging top management and employees. SPH launched the SinoPac L.E.A.D Program, cultivating senior executives’ strategic planning, innovative practice, management skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset. This program aims to develop successor leaders to head the company toward sustainability and excellence. As a result, SPH won the Investment in People Award. 

SPH is dedicated to sustainable development. Looking ahead, SPH will continue to integrate finance and environmental protection to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem.