SinoPac Holdings Ranked Top 5% in TWSE Corporate Governance Evaluation for the Second Consecutive Year



TWSE announced the 2020 Corporate Governance Evaluation results for all listed companies in Taiwan. SinoPac Holdings (SPH) consecutively ranked in the top 5% among 905 listed companies and became top four among the banking and insurance sector in 2020.

SPH was recognized as outstanding in promoting sustainable finance. For example, Bank SinoPac (BSP) issued the very first sustainable bond in 2020. The total raised fund reached NT$1 billion. All were injected into renewable energy and green-tech development, which proactively responds to climate change and contributes to Taiwan's economy during the coronavirus pandemic. In the same year, BSP, along with SinoPac Securities, invested a total of NT$4.1 billion in green bonds. This further demonstrates the efforts of SPH to prevent environmental risk.

BSP has supported the solar power industry for years and is the only bank in Taiwan that has ever won the Top Solar System Award awarded by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for five consecutive years. In addition, BSP signed off the Equator Principles in February 2020 and became the 102nd Equator Principles Financial Institution globally.

In May 2020, the newly elected SPH board of directors included one female member, a pioneering move within Taiwan's private banking sector. Other than enhanced corporate governance practice, the 2019 CSR report also disclosed emerging risk and climate-related risk identification mechanisms, procedures, the identified results, and responsive measures to strengthen information disclosure.

Moreover, SPH won A class certification from Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) in 2020, becoming the first financial holdings company that accepted a whole group examination and successfully obtained A class. 

The SinoPac Holdings’ Annual Shareholders' Meeting will be held on May 28, 2021. Cash dividends of NT$ 0.7 per share will be proposed, and cash dividend yield will be 5.15% (based on May 6 share closing price), outperforming our financial holdings company peers. SPH will continue to fulfill social responsibilities, enhance corporate governance, and safeguard shareholder interests.